7 Ways to Save Money on your Wedding

A wedding is considered one of the most important events in your life. Most brides dream of having an over-the-top event with the prettiest flowers, the best food, photo booths, and an excellent experience for all the guests.

But everyone knows that weddings can be expensive, especially if you’re planning a grand one. But you can still cut the costs without anyone noticing.

You don’t need to break the bank in order for your special day to be memorable. If you’re still in the planning process, make sure to incorporate these 7 ways to save money on your wedding day.

Go Paperless Or Print Your Own

Believe it or not, most couples spend $400 to $1000 on invitations alone. You can use this money for other things or just have some left over in your budget.

You can send electronic invitations using free services online. Many wedding websites allow you to manage your guest list and track RSVP’s.

If you’re still not ready to go fully paperless, you can send your save-the-date reminders via email to save on postage and stationery costs.

However, if you still want your guests to have a paper souvenir, you can print your own invitations. You can hire the services of a graphic artist online to do the layout from scratch or you can download a ready-made template from Etsy. Just print the design at home then mail them to your guests.

Consider Bridal Consignment

A budget-friendly option for future brides is getting a second hand wedding dress.

You can look for bridal shops that sell pre-owned wedding gowns or you can visit websites that offer thousands of wedding gowns which were worn once or never at all.

Skip The Saturday Wedding

Saturday is considered the most popular day for weddings. For that reason it’s also the most expensive day to get married.

If you’re reserving a venue and you want to get a lower price, you can hold your wedding and reception on a Sunday or a weeknight. You can also score a better discount if you choose a less popular month like January or February.

Choose Local, In-Season Flowers

Choosing a local, in-season flower arrangement will guarantee that you’ll get the freshest blooms, plus they are generally less expensive.

You can also choose year-round blossoms like calla lilies, roses, or orchids. Some brides are choosing foliage over flowers, which is a super popular choice now.

Multiple Meal Options

Ready-made seated and plated dinners can be the most expensive options when feeding your guests.

Ask your potential caterer for more alternatives. Serving family style stations and buffets are more affordable plus your guests can eat to their heart’s content.

Maybe your spouse-to-be loves tacos, you can have a taco bar instead of plated rubbery chicken. Adding your personality to your wedding instead of sticking with older traditions, can make your wedding more memorable for everyone.

Simplify Your Drinks

Choosing an open bar during your reception can be a bit pricey. To save money, consider sticking to beer and wine and drop the mixes and liquors.

If you want something more fun without breaking the bank, you can pick a signature drink to serve during your cocktail hour. Ask the bartender to serve the drinks in smaller glasses, too.

A Smaller Cake

The more tiers there are in your cake, the more expensive it will be.

Stick to a two tier wedding cake on a tall, ornate cake stand, if you like, instead. You can also opt to serve sheet cakes to your guests which would be less expensive. The cake you’re cutting for photos doesn’t need to be the same cake you feed to all of your guests.

You can save money while celebrating one of the most important events of your life. With little changes, you can have a joyous event without paying too much.

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